Objective of the article: Create a NLP Model to determine the sentiment of a tweet(positive or negative) using Logistic Regression.

Package: NLTK( Open Source Python Library for NLP)

Training Dataset: twitter_samples(5000 Positive tweets, 5000 Negative tweets)

Brief Introduction: Sentiment Analysis is a Natural language Processing Technique which is used to…

SLB, Noack, AMR, 2015 Duriez, SLB, Noack, Springer, 2015

It began in the winter of 2019 when I came across the journal in Annual Reviews of Fluid Mechanics —Machine Learning for Fluid Mechanics. As a Physics enthusiast and hailing from a mechanical engineering background, fluid mechanics has always titillated me. My professional job elevated if not demanded the thirst…


"Except Love, Everything is Physics".

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